200% Money Back Guarantee from Golden Rule Property Inspections!!

I'm putting my Money where my mouth is!!!

I, Jerry B Yost, personally guarantee your satisfaction!

My guarantee makes your choice of Home Inspection firms both easy and risk free.  

Your selection of Golden Rule Property Inspections, LLC will provide you the peace of mind that I give 200% to you on every inspection, so that I don't spend 200%.

Golden Rule Property Inspections is committed to providing you the most thorough home inspection and the best customer service in North Texas.

Give me 5% of your confidence, I'll earn the 95% every time!

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Terms of Guarantee:

  • A Signed and witnessed Golden Rule Property Inspections release and indemnity agreement must be received to initiate this process.
  • Client must object and present their specific concerns in writing within the 10 day period of eligibility.
  • Client must be personally present for at least the last 30 minutes of the inspection.  This is specifically for us to go through the house with you and discuss our findings, in person with the client.
  • The inspection fee paid to Golden Rule Property Inspections LLC will be refunded by check to the party who originated payment to us.
  • A re-inspection must be done by a TREC licensed Inspector.
  • A check will be generated by Golden Rule Property Inspections LLC to the re-inspection company in their company name, for the inspection fee up to 100% of our original inspection fee.
  • Our 200% fee will stay in place for 10 days from the date of the home inspection.

The Golden Rule Property Inspection Team